Anders Finn.

MonkeyBrains ISP - Co-developed wireless and fiber optic network of residential and business grade services with speeds up to 1gbps to clients. 10gbps fiber and 10gbps wireless backbone mostly redundant through OSPF. Four Tier-1s and two IX create peers. 30,000 residential and business customers.
TideTech - developing dynamic hydraulic model of San Francisco with a product goal resolution of 1 meter. Will overlay wind and tidal current predictions based on forecasting, bathymetry and tidal cycles.
VisibleThinking - Personal IT consulting company. Build networking for medium sized offices of tech companies in the bay such as CoinBase and Intercom.
Technology executive and sales engineer with more than a decade of experience in external and internal computer networking. Primarily responsible for the technological and sales growth of a self-funded Internet service provider. My experience from day one to California's dominant and independent provider gives me the breadth of experience to understand and find solutions for businesses of all sizes.